The Chapel of the Boim family is a famous and very unique late Renaissance monument; it has no analogues, neither in Ukraine nor in the rest of Europe This unique monument adorns Cathedral Square; this lane leads into one of the best views of Rynok Square and City Hall. Georgiy Boim,a Lviv merchant of Hungarian origin, who grew rich trading wine, obtained Lviv citizenship simultaneously with the post of burgomaster, and decided to build a family chapel of unparalleled beauty. The building, designed by Andrzej Bemer, a constructor from Wroclaw, was consecrated in 1615. The façade of the chapel is entirely covered in stone carvings featuring the Passion and the figures of Saints Peter and Paul. The interior is decorated with similar splendour. As was tradition at the time, regular peoplemodelled for multi-figured compositions. Hence we can view the faces of real people of times past.
The façade on the side of Halytska Street bears the original glassed-in portraits of Boim and his wife. The third façade has a marvellous relief featuring St. George slaying the Dragon.
A statue of the grieving Christ in Gethsemane, asking God to let him avoid crucifixion, sits atop the chapel’s dome. This subject, quite often represented in painting, is indeed unique in sculpture.
The Chapel of the Boim family is known for having a particular energy: a museum worker had once left a basket with apples in the corner of the chapel and a yearandahalf later, she had suddenly stumbled upon it finding the apples as rich and fragrant as before. The Chapel of the Boim family is only open to visitors in the summer.