Yuri Grekov

Yuri started off his professional dance career with the Virsky Ensemble (Kyiv, Ukraine) in 1981. In 1996 he emigrated to Canada and taught Ukrainian dance in Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, and then eventually Toronto where he has remained since. In 2003 he founded the Internal Summer Dance School of Ukrainian Dance (ISSUD) to help set up students from around the world improve their Ukrainian dance skills. ISSUD was later rebranded to “Kyiv Summer Dance” since it occurs annually in Kyiv, Ukraine at the world renowned studio of the Virsky Ensemble. In 2014 the program was expanded to include a variety of dates throughout the calendar year and not limited only to Ukrainian dance. Electric Kozak — we’ve got you covered.

Markiahn (Mark) Jaremko

Markiahn is a native of Edmonton, Alberta. He has spent over 35 years on the Ukrainian dance scene in Canada and Ukraine.

Markiahn is the logistics coordinator for Kyiv Summer Dance and Electric Kozak, and owner/operator for Perigie Monster Hostels.

Luba Grekov

Luba started her professional dance career with the Virsky Ensemble (Kyiv, Ukraine) in 1983. During her years with the company, she and her husband Yuri, performed in 34 countries, over 1000 cities, and gave even a larger number of concerts. During the course of countless tours and training sessions, Luba and Yuri networked with basically everybody in the arts scene in Ukraine. This impressive rolodex was later put to use in setting up Kyiv Summer Dance and bringing in a very diverse professional faculty. Let us help you too get connected. Electric Kozak — we’ve got you covered.

Maryanna Heryn

Maryanna Heryn is a faculty member and instructor of the Computing and Information Services department at the Ivano-Frankivsk State University. Maryana is responsible for IT for Kyiv Summer Dance, Electric Kozak, markiahn.com, Perogie Monster, and a host of other projects. If it involves IT — she’s got us covered.

Misha Heryn

Misha Heryn built and assembled all the furniture for Perogie Monster Hostels. He is on site constantly maintaining the building and equiptment. Misha also handles transport for Kyiv Summer Dance, Electrik Kozak, and Perogie Monster. If it breaks, he’s got us covered.

Ene Baziuk

Ene Baziuk is the Canadian manager for Perogie Monster Hostels. When in Kyiv and you need a place to stay, why not Perogie Monster? We can have you covered